We invite you to learn more about our Radiology (Imaging) services. We are a nationally and internationally Certified Hospital with the best technology, highly trained staff, and a prestigious group of physicians approved by our Certification and Accreditation Committee.  The Radiology Department also has a Residency Program in the specialty of Radiology and Imaging.

Our services include:





Nuclear medicine

Medicina Nuclear





Digital mammography


Multicut tomography (TAC 64-slice)

TAC 64 cortes

Ultrasound and Doppler

Ultrasonido y Doppler

1.5 Tesla MRI

Resonancia Magnética

Frequently Asked Questions

Where radiological tests are performed?

The Imaging Service is located on the hospital’s second floor, next to the Support Services Department.  You can access it using the elevator of the hospital’s main entrance.

What should I do when I arrive?

At Imaging reception, give administrative staff your name and let them know the test for which you have been scheduled.  They will tell you where to wait until your name is called.  The appointment time is approximate, since on occasion priority must be given to urgent patients.

What documents should I bring?

If your physician gave you a printed form with the request for testing, you should take it with you, since this document indicates the type and reason for the test.  If an institution or company will pay for the study, include the authorization form along with an ID, such as an IFE (voter ID) or passport.

Do I have to wait for my results?

Most specialists located in the physician office building of Hospital Angeles Chihuahua have access to reports and digital images of your clinical history on their computers. We recommended asking your treating physician if he or she has this service online so that once the test is done you can leave without having to wait for the results.

Written reports are delivered 24 hours after the study is performed. You can pick them up at the X-ray reception area, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

If you need information on the delivery date and a copy of your study, which has an additional cost, please call: 439.8744.

How should I prepare beforehand?

Many radiological tests require prior preparation or fasting.  If you have questions, you can learn more before your appointment by calling: (614) 439.8744 or 439.2700 or checking the guide and document section of the Imaging Service.