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Digital MicroDose Mammography

This test allows medical staff to detect lesions in mammary glands. The cost includes a sonogram study of both breasts.

We are committed to improving health through prevention, and we stand by this commitment by making available to patients our  MicroDose equipment, which helps staff perform comfortable and safe breast exams, providing clear and well-defined images.  This equipment reduces by as much as 50 percent the amount of radiation emitted in comparison with other digital mammography equipment, and is specially designed to make the experience less stressful for patients.

The American College of Radiology recommends that women 40 years or older get an annual mammogram, even if they are in good health and have no symptoms of breast cancer.  Your first mammogram is the base line. Keep a record of the dates of each mammogram, along with the results.

The main benefits of early detection lead to efficient treatment and increase the survival rate by up to 90 percent or more. In addition, treatment of breast cancer in its early stages is less aggressive.

You should begin breast self-exams when you are about 20 years old. Ask your health professional about the best age to begin.  Your family’s medical history, as well as breast cancer risks, are important factors to evaluate. Remember to always let your physician know of any changes to the appearance or sensation of your breasts.

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