TAC 64-slice

Radiology Department

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This equipment is the most recent generation with the newest technology. Nationally, there are only four other similar sets of equipment.

The reconstruction software with the latest technology is also used in U.S. and international hospitals, and allows medical staff to get an anatomical map of the patient in 12 seconds, without invasive actions, and produces a virtual, detailed, and full reconstruction of the body: heart, vascular system, virtual endoscopy, bone system, colon, lungs, brain, etc.

Images are produced more quickly, and allow medical staff to evaluate the entire body of traumatized patients in 15 seconds. The test is fully reliable and quick.

Diagnostic support in cardiology, pulmonology, angiology, and different specialities, with their ability for tissular and multiplanar vascular reconstruction, and the ability to perform subtraction of different organs and tissues.

  • Accurate diagnostic for studying the heart and vascular system, with administration of Intravenous contrast material (constrast material is administered through a needle placed in the vein).
  • It provides more diagnostic information in shorter periods than other similar equipment, meaning more accurate diagnosis.
  • Quicker studies, which means shorter exposure to X-rays.
What are the requirements for the test?
  • Follow your physician’s indications. For patients over 40, the study is recommended for detecting calcium plaque to diagnose ischemic heart diseases (calcium score)
  • For patients over 50, colon polyps detection may be beneficial for detecting pre-cancerous diseases.
How is the study done?

The multi-slice tomography test requires 6 hours of fasting beforehand in case contrast material is administered. The patient must wear comfortable clothing and remain absolutely still while the test is done. This test involves X-rays to create the image, so you must let medical staff know if you suspect you are pregnant.

How can I schedule the test?

The test requires a prior appointment; just call: 439.8744 and 439.8744