Clinical Lab and Blood Bank

The Clinical Lab and Blood Bank provide:

  • Emergency toxicology services, and substance abuse tests for companies.
  • Emergency care service offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • For hospitalized patients and out-patients, we offer web access to their reports.
  • Same-day delivery of results of routine tests.
  • Quality control monitored by national and international organizations.

Our Blood Bank is part of the Clinical Lab Department, and is in charge of collecting, processing, serological studies, fractionation, and storage of blood and its components for therapeutic purposes, using the highest standards of quality and safety (Safe Blood).

  • All of our blood units are leukoreduced, thanks to the use of special filters, which substantially reduce the possibility of reactions to transfusion.
  • We use an apheresis procedure, which helps us obtain the required blood component from a single donor. This therapy is highly efficient.

We have agreements with national and international labs that help us provide the service to determine practically all studies required by the medical practice. Our medical and technical team is comprised of highly trained and certified staff, who actively participate in research protocols and are always keeping up to date on medical advances.