Pathology and Pathological Anatomy

The Surgical Pathology service performs histopathological studies of organs or fragments of organs (biopsies) that are obtained in surgical interventions or in external patient consultancies, including immunohistochemistry and molecular biology studies. We have the most modern equipment to process tissues and thus obtain histological cuts of optimal quality that help make the histopathological diagnosis of the disease.

This service’s medical, histotechnological, and administrative staff are certified and highly qualified. They participate in continuous medical education programs and are on the Tissue and Research Protocol Committee.
We have agreements with prestigious national and foreign hospitals for hard-to-diagnose cases, mainly in the oncological area.
We also perform CERVICOVAGINAL CYTOLOGY and LIQUID-BASED CYTOLOGY As well as in situ hybridization for typifying the human papilloma virus and Conventional and Diverse Cervicovaginal Cytology
We are certified by the General Health Council and Joint Commission International.