Medical Committees

There are Inter-Hospital Committees that are in charge of issuing standards, guidelines, and recommendations for better hospital performance.

How can I get on a Committee?

Interested physicians submit a letter expressing their interest in forming part of the committee, or they are invited by the Committee Chair, and if accepted they will receive a formal invitation with the designation of their role on the committee and the meetings calendar.



Reviews, updates, and implements compliance with Official Mexican Standards (NOMs) in security matters for occupational exposure.


Promotes the prevention, early detection, and proper treatment of hospital infections.

MedicosMonitors compliance with Statutes, Standards, and other Regulations of the Medical Body and Intra-hospital Committees.

EnsañanzaDevelops competencies and the education program for medical interns, anesthesiology and X-ray residents, and nursing students who are involved with the hospital. It also promotes continuous education for the medical body in different medical areas.

EticaHelps to safeguard the dignity, rights, safety, and wellbeing of all current or potential participants in research studies.

Expediente ClinicoEvaluates the integration and completion of the clinical files in accordance with Official Mexican Standards, in order to obtain information and communication for continuity in medical care, with the aim of helping to improve quality.

FarmaciaProvides technical support in the medication acquisition processes that the administration of the establishment carries based on effective criteria. Working with CODECIN, coordinates the rational use of antibiotics and hospital units, assessing the use, efficacy, and resistance to antibiotics. Regulates medical indications based on good clinical practices. Reviews and regulates blood transfusions based on Official Mexican Standards.

InvestigaciónPromotes and regulates research at the hospital, ensuring that all research protocols comply with national and international standards.

HospitalarioParticipates in prudent, reasonable, and rational decision-making, which is grounded on ethical dilemmas that occur in clinical practice, medical attention and teaching. This helps to protect the dignity, rights, safety and wellbeing of all current or potential participants in clinical relations.

CredencialesAssesses the evidentiary documents of the physicians interested in forming part of the certified-accredited Medical Body and recommends the privileges that they will have access to.

MorbilidadEvaluates and analyzes the morbidity, deaths, re-admissions, and re-interventions occurring in the hospital of general patients, as well as maternal and perinatal patients.