Hospital Angeles has a new, specialized concept in the care for newborns with problems or risks that commonly occur due to special situations because of pregnancy, birth or premature birth, and which require specialized care in an environment for recovering your health.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (UCIN) of Hospital Angeles has a specific design that is unique in the region, and has high-technology equipment in this speciality, as well as a team of physicians and nurses who are specialized in the area. They provide the care required by newborns, which is essential under such circumstances.

With these aspects in mind, Hospital Angeles UCIN is considered one of the best in northern Mexico, which gives us the opportunity to offer healthy and ideal futures for children who require this type of care.

This unit has an isolation cubicle, used for newborns who have infectious diseases or with a weakened immune system, and for whom an isolation technique is necessary to prevent complications or for children in critical status who were not born at the Hospital.

Dear Parents: At the UCIN, we will help your baby overcome health problems or prematurity. Your involvement is essential for your baby’s quick recovery, so we suggest getting involved in the following ways:

  • Giving love to your baby.

Being affectionate with your baby as often as possible, and touching, talking, and encouraging him or her.  The UCIN does not have visitor hours, but for the protection of your baby access is restricted for other people.  You can visit your baby as often as you like, but we suggest visits do not exceed 20 or 30 minutes.  Your visits are very important; in addition to favoring breastfeeding, they encourage hope in your newborn and strengthen his or her desire to live.

  • Follow the rules of the service’s Asepsis and Antisepsis.

These rules are designed to prevent infections in your baby, since he or she is particularly susceptible to them at this stage.

  • Only ask your physician for information on your baby.

He or she is the only one who knows the comprehensive health of your baby and give you complete and truthful information.

  • Collaborate with Service personnel.

You may be asked to wait or leave the room, since your baby or another child admitted to the service may require special procedures.

Please be assured that we will make our best efforts to help and support your baby so that he or she quickly and fully recovers. We rely on your help to achieve this together.

How you can help us:

  • Try to wear “clean” clothing (without too much dust, dirt or other contaminants from work or outdoor activities).
  • Ask our staff for orientation on how to properly wash your hands before entering the UCIN department.
  • Wear the special gown before entering the department; ask our staff for help.
  • If your baby is in an open incubator, you must wear a mask and hair net if you have long hair. These will be provided to you as part of the Service.
  • Refrain from touching the Service’s equipment and devices used for both your baby and other babies.
  • Follow suggestions from the staff in charge of your baby regarding movement involved in the service.
  • Nursing staff will show you proper hand-washing techniques and how to wear a gown after entering the service.

The Department’s policy is to provide parents with all the information on their baby’s health status; it is important, however, that you talk to your Pediatrician about any questions or concerns you have, or in their absence, with the physician in charge of the UCIN Service.  Remember that good communication with you is essential for providing comprehensive and adequate care for your baby.