Mission, Vision and Values


To be an international center of medicine that uses high-technology equipment and offers quality services in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation for the wellbeing of the regional, national, and international communities, with dignity, ethics, and efficiency that meet the needs of our patients, while working toward the competitiveness, profitability, and permanence of the organization.


To be a private and profitable Medical Center that serves as a reference in highly specialized services, transplants, teaching, and research.  Certified by national and international organizations and maintain its acknowledgments during the next five years.


The hospital’s philosophy is to provide high-quality, friendly, quick, and efficient medical care, following values and principals of professionalism, ethics, humanism, and service, that make our customers feel cared for and safe.

  • Honesty: We always act based on moral and ethical standards and laws in benefit of our society.
  • Responsibility:  We fulfill our promises, and respect the trust of our patients and their family members.
  • Loyalty:  We faithfully fulfill the agreements and commitments we have taken on, which correspond to the obligation we have with our patients and their family members, as well as with our mission.
  • Perseverance:  We face our challenges with full and decisive commitment: part of our constant efforts to realize our vision.
  • Humanism:  We provide quality and friendly care, and the understanding and appreciation of each patient is the starting point of their treatment.  We assume that the raison d’être of Hospital Angeles is the profound love for humans in painful situations.