Angeles School of Nursing in Chihuahua find the ideal place to develop solid knowledge, skills and attitudes with a degree in Nursing, able to contribute in improving the quality of life of people space. It is the first incorporated to UNAM in the state of Chihuahua school in the clinical field backed by Hospital Angeles Chihuahua.

Has a range of services that can offer students an academic theoretical and practical plan is equipped with:

• Hospitalization simulators and mannequins of all stages (neonatos-geriatric), which have software that feeds the vital signs, lung sounds, bowel sounds and cardiac stroke that can be altered so that students solve valuations.
• Operating room and delivery room.
• Central and sterilizing equipment for surgical simulation real events.
• Interactive Classrooms with multimedia projectors.
• Library with bibliographic where the student can get experience and put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired in classrooms equipped for each of the subjects in the curriculum.
• Laboratories equipped with the necessary practical work in installation of equipment probes, peripheral catheter, nasogastric and orogastric probes, suctioning practice of injections, medication management, placement of oxygen, among others.
• Also we count with highly trained teachers with theoretical and practical experience, updated curriculum, English and scholarships from admission.

This enables graduates Chihuahua Angeles School of Nursing Degree level is a proactive, flexible, critical and reflective professional ethical commitment to their profession and to the people under their care. Standing out for its ability to participate in the care and the health-disease resolution process.

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