Our Foundation

Fundación CIMA Chihuahua, A.C.  is an organization focused on helping cancer patients who due to different circumstances are in unfavorable situations, providing them with access to quicker and adequate treatment.

Its purpose is for more Chihuahua families to have the opportunity to overcome cancer, and it seeks to be a bridge for those who require prompt, quality services to recover their health, but who lack the necessary means, and who have the resources to make it possible.

To win the battle against cancer, we are working on creating a culture for prevention and early detection. We provide useful information so that more families are prepared and develop healthy habits.

The goal is to create the right conditions to contribute to the development and improved health of our community.

For more information, you can visit our website: www.fundacioncimachih.org
Call us at: +52 (614) 439.8764 or e-mail us at: fundacioncima@hospitalcima.com.mx